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Award winners in the NCTU calligraphy competition 2017

The rankings in the NCTU calligraphy competition 2017 are as follows:
Group A:
First prize: Chia-yun Lee (Materials Science and Engineering 09)
Second prize: Chun-hsien Wen
Third prize: Po-hsiang Chao (Electronics Engineering)
Honorable mention: Yu-ching Chiu, You-ying Chen, Chia-hsuan Su, Chih-tung Lin, Yu-cheng Liao, Wen-hsuan Chan, Tung-ying Lee, Heng-jui Chu, and You-chu Shen
Group B:
Second prize: Chen-hsiung Fu
Group C:
Third prize: Li-na Tsai
Honorable mention: He-chun Lei, Yu-heng Chiang, Kou-la Mai
The award ceremony of this year's calligraphy competition is scheduled to be held at 7p.m. on Thursday, November 30, at conference room 603 of the Center for General Education on the sixth floor of Assembly Building 1. Award winners are requested to attend and receive the award in person.