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Winners of the 2018 NCTU calligraphy competition

Winners of the 2018 National Chiao Tung University calligraphy competition
Group A: First prize: Pei-chun Peng (EECS Undergraduate Honors Program)
Second prize: Li-heng Chen (Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Third prize: Po-han Chao (Dept. of Electronics Engineering)
Merit award: Yu-wen Chiu (EECS Undergraduate Honors Program), Chia-yun Lee (Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering)

Group B: First prize: Hung-lin Li (Dept. of Electrophysics)
Second prize: (not conferred)
Third prize: Wei-yen Chen (Dept. of Transportation & Logistics Management)

Group C: First prize: Lo-la Fei (Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies)
Second prize: (not conferred)
Third prize: He-chun Lei (Multimedia Engineering)
Merit award: Hsin-ju Lee (Dept. of Computer Science)

The award ceremony of this year’s calligraphy competition is scheduled to be held at 7p.m. on Thursday, November 22, at the conference room 603, the sixth floor of Assembly Building 1. Winners should attend in person (for those who cannot attend due to class, please find one on their behalf).