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Eighth Calligraphy Competition for Local and International Students of National Chiao Tung Universit

This competition is held in order to improve the cultural literacy of our students, enhance foreign students' understanding of our characters and culture, cultivate their appreciation of the beauty of calligraphy and their creative ability, and deepen the internationalization of the university.   
All current undergraduate and graduate students at NCTU are eligible to attend.
Deadline for receipt:
From now until Monday, November 12, 2018.
Prize money:
NT$3,000 for the first prize; NT$2,000 for the second prize; NT$1,000 for the third prize, NT$500 for winners with an honorable mention. Winners will be presented with award certificates and prize money (or a prize of an equivalent value). If no entry qualifies for the award, the award may not be given.
Group A: Taiwanese and Chinese students.
(Please submit the entry to Ms. Tai of the Center for General Education at Room A605 of Assembly Building 1)
Group B: International students who have been practicing calligraphy for more than one year.
Group C: International students who have been practicing calligraphy for less than one year.
(Entries from Groups B and C are requested to be submitted to Ms. Peng of the Chinese Language Division at Room A634 of Assembly Building 1.)
Entry format:
1. A traditional Chinese jueju or lüshi is required on 4k or 2k Shuen paper (with or without grid patterns), with the style of calligraphy limited to the seal script, clerical script, regular script or semi-cursive script.
2. The entry must contain main text and the author’s signature and the date (please write Chinese name, rather than English or Arabic numerals), with mounting not required.
3. For notifications to winners, entrants are required to provide their department, student ID number, name, competition group, e-mail and contact number (form attached below).
Award announcement:
The award winners will be published on the Internet by November 20 of this year,, and the winners will be notified by e-mail or telephone. An awards ceremony is scheduled for late November (exact time and place is to be notified).
Contact persons:
1. Group A: Ms. Tai of the Center for General Education (Ext. 52702,
2. Group B and C: Ms. Peng of the Chinese Language Division (Ext. 31231,

Organized by the NCTU General Education Committee
Co-organized by the NCTU Center for General Education and the Chinese Language Division of the Language Teaching and Research Center