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Recruitment of Technicians at the Center for General Education

National Chiao Tung University Job Postings
1. Unit: Center for General Education
2. Position and title: information processing technician
3. Quota: 1 recruited and two on the waiting list (If no applicants qualify, the post would be left vacant)
4. Rank: Intermediate grades 6-7
5. Qualifications:
1) A Bachelor's degree.
2) A civil servant at intermediate grade 6 or above after a pass in the Civil Service Senior Examination or the equivalent, with mandatory appointment qualifications for this post without limitations on transfer before the application deadline.
3) Team spirit, active cooperation, communication and coordination.
4) Good conduct and sense of responsibility.
5) Self-motivation, holding a word processing license, with professional maintenance background preferable.
6) Without involvement in the circumstances as set forth in Articles 26 and 28 of the Civil Service Appointment Act, Article 12 of the Civil Service Promotion Act, and Article 27-1 of the Gender Equity Education Act.
6. Work content:
1) Equipment and facility space management.
2) Use and maintenance of audiovisual classroom equipment.
3) Teaching and space equipment procurement.
4) Other temporary tasks.
7. Place of work: No.1001, Daxue Rd., Hsinchu City 30010
8. Contact information:
   1) Please send the following materials for preliminary review: (arranged in order,  
without binding)
     (1) Resume of civil servants (be sure to fill in the details, indicating the contact    
number during the day, with photos attached and one’s signature or stamp put)
(2) Photocopies of examination pass certificates
(3) Photocopy of the highest academic degree certificate.
(4) Photocopies of orders of appointment and qualification screening letters over the years.
(5) Photocopy of the latest 5 years' merit ratings and awards and punishments (for those who have held office for less than 5 years, please provide relevant information according to the length of service).
(6) Photocopies of other relevant licenses or certificates.
(7) Civil Servant Affidavit (downloadable from the NCTU Personnel Office website).
The above materials should be photocopied on A4 size paper before submitted. The party concerned shall be liable for any information that is inaccurate or omitted.
2) Please send the above-mentioned materials to the Personnel Office of National Chiao Tung University before MM/DD, 2019, with the postmark date no later than the deadline. Mailing address and addressee: Ms. Ting, Personnel Office, No.1001, Daxue Rd., Hsinchu City 300, Tel: 03-5712121, ext. 52238. Applicants are required to mark the envelope with the words "Application for a Technician." Any incomplete submissions or late applications will not be accepted.
3) Those who pass the preliminary examination will be informed of the interview and written examination. No notice and return will be given if the applicant is not qualified or not accepted (a self-addressed stamped envelope should be prepared if application documents need to be returned).