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NCTU Center for General Education associate professor Yi-hung Chiu is awarded Fulbright Research Gra

NCTU Center for General Education full-time associate professor Yi-hung Chiu in 2019 is awarded Senior Fulbright Research Grants sponsored by the U.S. Department of State for a one-year research program at Harvard University staring September this year, focusing on the impact of strategic competition between the US and China on the global economic order.      
   Associate professor Yi-hung Chiu, who is currently a visiting scholar at the Institute of Political Science at Academia Sinica during the summer vacation, said that he was very lucky to win the Fulbright Research Grant and get the recommendation and guidance of Richard Cooper, professor of economics of Harvard University. He is scheduled to go to the prestigious Weatherhead Center for International Affairs of Harvard University to serve as visiting scholar engaged in theoretical discussion and policy analysis of the impact of strategic competition between the US and China on the current global economic order.
   The current international economic order is based on the multilateral free trade system dominated by the United States after the Second World War, but with China's economic rise, Chinese state capitalism has posed serious threat and challenge to the existing international economic order based on Western liberalisms, Chiu said and added that the current US-China trade dispute is a phenomenon triggered by the fact that the existing international economic order cannot solve the challenge of China's rise, but the deeper structural reason behind it may be the result of the increasingly severe strategic competition between the two powers.
   Chiu said the current international economic order faces major challenges under the fierce strategic competition between the US and China. The rules and multilateral coordination mechanisms on the existing international trade, finance, currency, and investment that have supported the global economy in the past are likely to be reorganized under the US-China strategic competition, which will further deconstruct and reshape the global supply chain under the economic globalization over the past two decades. As an indispensable link of the global economy, Taiwan has long since benefited from the liberal international economic order. Facing this major global change, Taiwan should delve into the situation to find a way out. Chiu hopes his research over the coming year will provide a theoretical explanation of the changing international economic order and offer policy advice on how Taiwan can adjust to it.
   In addition, associate professor Chiu expressed his gratitude for the support given to him by the teachers of the faculty evaluation committee at all levels, allowing him to go to the US for further study to enrich his research and teaching. During this research period, he is expected to complete the foregoing research and plans to write a book and observe the teaching of Harvard University professors, so as to improve his teaching ability and make a positive contribution to NCTU students.
   Associate Professor Yi-hung Chiu specializes in international relations and international political economy. He offers undergraduate courses at the university including international relations, international political economy, political science, American foreign policies and the contemporary world. His teaching is lively and vivid, keeping up with the current news, and focusing on thinking and discussion, which is well-received by students. He won the NCTU excellent teaching award of the 2018 academic year. It is believed that he will bring more innovative teaching contents and courses to our students and inject more vitality into our general education courses after he returns home in the fall of next year.